But who's really behind Pretty Gurl?

Meet Andrea

A one-of-a-kind princess in her own right (she’s got a crooked chin rather than a bulging eye), Andrea went through teenybopper, nerd, grunge and sorority girl phases before embracing all those qualities that make her who she is today...someone who actually likes wearing glasses, opts for Vans rather than Manolo’s, and would spend every single day sitting cross-legged in a pair of yoga pants creating pretty “things” if she could.

Until she becomes independently wealthy and can put that plan into action, she spends her days wearing business casual (emphasis on casual) and working as a graphic and user interaction designer at one of Canada’s largest loyalty programmes. She “creates” in her spare time, sharing whatever she can on this nifty little website she designed and made for that very purpose.

Introducing: Pretty Gurl

Once upon a time on a cold blustery day, a beautiful, perfectly symmetrical and well-proportioned little angel was born who made everyone who saw her ”ooh” and “aah”. When it came time to leave the hospital her proud parents wrapped her up in a pink blanket, and stepped outside...

Walking across the parking lot there was a huge gust of wind, causing the exquisite little newborn to gasp in shock: as her right eye winced against the onslaught of cold air, her left eye bulged in response (she was only a day old – one can hardly have expected her to have full control over her reflexes yet). As she did so, and without any warning at all, the wind suddenly changed direction...and her face froze in that expression.

Her still proud parents drew the soft blanket over the child’s face to better protect it against the wind, and made their way home.

Growing up it was obvious to Pretty Gurl that she was different from other children – but she didn’t mind so much. Her mummy told her that she was pretty, and you know what? She believed it...and as a result, she really was pretty. She would put on her very best dress (she was particularly fond of her frilly white first communion gown), pull out her fancy “grown up” shoes she’d worn to a wedding, and throw on her very best (but mostly plastic) jewellery. All decked out, she’d dance about the garden twirling and pirouetting, feeling – and to any passers-by, looking – just like a princess.

Even as Pretty Gurl entered those awkward teenage years, she embraced what made her unique...and tended to play it up to great effect: as a teenybopper it allowed her to look that much more excited over her latest crush than the next girl; she could achieve wonderfully dramatic eyes and expressions during her emo phase; and it was great for getting up into someone’s face about the environment, the children, a woman’s right to choose, or whatever cause she was fighting for when she decided to be an activist.

When she was finally through all of her phases, and she was just Pretty Gurl, she still appreciated those characteristics that set her apart from others. It was that quality of being one-of-a-kind that made her feel special. And it was her desire to help others feel this way – to feel special, unique, and one-of-a-kind – that got her started making special, unique and (more often than not) one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery to give others that extra little push to look, and feel, different about themselves.